Note to Amazon sellers When you want to post your deal on Slickdeals

  • 1.Make sure your Amazon store has 1K feedback and the product has more than 50 reviews
  • 2.Make sure you won’t vote the thread after our post because it is risky for your brand
  • 3.Make sure your deal price is the lowest price you can find on SD (Compare to similar products)
  • 4.Make sure your coupon code is live and in short code type ,not one time use long code, Please set the code visible on your listing.
  • 5.Posting deals on SD is risky for our account.We accept only PAY BEFORE POST.
  • 6.All of our accounts are aged with Lv3 or higher lever even pro.
  • 7.Post fee is $25 and the deal will be posted from an active and reputable account

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